#11 TNT Chris McIntyre: How to convince your Grandma CBD is a legitimate medication

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“It’s a community thing. Everyone’s working to help each other grow, it’s not competition. We call it co-opetition. Everyone’s working to help each other become better – not better than each other, but better than the old version they used to be.” – Chris McIntyre

Imagine a world where aging people didn’t need prescription drugs too feel healthy… ?

Believe it or not, consuming high quality CBD derived from Industrial Hemp could make that world a reality. ?

“But Hemp is, like, weed! My Grandma would never take that!” -anonymous ?

In this Episode of THE NOMAD THEORY, Chris McIntrye from St. Margaret’s Holistic Remedies in Denver Colorado answers the question: “How to convince your Grandma that CBD is a legitimate medication”?

So, if you are like Chris or myselfand you don’t like watching your Grandma suck down six addictive opiates everymorning—just listen to this podcast. 


Based in Denver, CO, Chris’s company produces High Quality CBD from Industrial Hemp in a variety of consumption methods. ?️

Put most simply, CBD is the non-psychoactive found in Cannabis, or Hemp, and it can be consumed without smoking the plant. ?

Chris moved to Colorado and began taking CBD supplements in place of his prescription medications to treat his cancer; which was effective and is to this day. (4:20-6:00) ?‍⚕️

Chris describes how his company got started and why they work to create CBD products.?‍? (6:50-7:30)

In states like Colorado, residents can attain a license from the department of agriculture and grow hemp in their backyard. ?

This degree of accessibility might seem revolutionary from a legal standpoint, but most people probably don’t know that the United States government once fined people for NOT growing hemp. ?

In 1942 the Federal government funded a campaign called Hemp for Victory, encouraging farmers to grow as much hemp as possible in order to produce stronger textiles during World War II.??️ (8:40 – 10:00)

Thanks for listening, and stay wild folks!

A.C.E. the Theorist ?

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