#26 TNT David Nebinski: Portfolio Careers and the #PodcastLife

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“By experimenting and working on different things, we understand what really lights us up” – David Nebinski

Interested in the #PodcastLife? David Nebinski is the man to talk to.

This episode took place on site in Brooklyn, New York exaclty one year after I released the first ever episode of THE NOMAD THEORY Podcast.

David Nebinski is the host and producer of Portfolio Career Podcast. 

I have never met anyone more excited about podcasts, or finding your passion for that matter (save Tony Robbins).

David is the fearless leader of our TPF (The Podcasting Fellowship) Alumni group. This is a magical place where all the members of the first ever Podcasting Fellowship run by Seth Godin and Alex DiPalma meet to communicate and share progress. It’s a “cohort”, really.

David is constantly experimenting with different methods to connect with his listeners. #PodcastLife. And the work shows, too. At the time of this TNT episode, David had recently released the 78th episode of his show (in only a little over a year!) (UPDATE: David is now well over 100 episodes. He’s got the floooww, bro.)

One of these episodes was an interview with Seth Godin himself, which we talk about more particularly in our conversation. 

David interviews people who are intentionally learning new skills, building projects, and gaining experiences which form a portfolio that helps them attain an optimum state of passion. It seems a unique mixture of these are required to reach premium productivity. 

I owe David a lot, and I hope we continue making audio magic together for years to come! Thanks David

And as per usual, thanks for listening to THE NOMAD THEORY,

Stay wild folks,

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