#30 TNT Steph Marca: Uchukuta Wasi and “Non-Touristic Ice Cream”

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“Cusco” means belly button in an ancient Inca language. This is because Cusco is geographically located at the belly button of Peru. I like to think of it as the belly button of the world.

Certain esoteric types actually believe Cusco is the only place that will be saved at the end of Earth as we know it. When this goes down, I’ll be at Uchukuta Wasi with Steph Marca eating “non-touristic ice cream.”

To figure out wtf that means, listen to this episode. However, I must apologize (I guess)… the actual interview is in Spanish. Steph was kind enough to practice with me and we had a good ol’ time. If you do speak Spanish, let me know how I did @ACEtheTheorist on twitter!

“Golly, San Pedro, give me a sign… No! Not that one!”

I was looking for a cozy place to stay – with friends – not a glorified pick-pocket tour guide administration dead set to suck my Gringo blood.

At UchukutaWasi, my belly is full, I am warm, and there is reason to leave my bedroom besides buying bread or bananas.

Although I still eat plenty of bread and bananas, Steph Marca and her tranquil partner Neyser (one of the cooler names) have made my shortish stay in Cusco a cultural delight.

Having passed through Cusco a plethora of times, I was tired of staying by myself in hostels. I wanted to make friends and taste some “non-touristic ice cream”. (in this case, the “non-touristic ice cream” being access to information that the tour guides won’t tell you.)

Steph speaks Spanish, English, French, and Quechua.

She will tell you all the juicy details:
1. Where to eat (or how to cook) the dankness.
2. Which of the mysteriously confusing buses to take.
3. How to do Salkantay, Rainbow Mountain and Machu Picchu for a smidgen of the normal cost.

She will hook it up!

Plus, the house is literal meters from an expansive eucalyptus forest where physically inclined people can enjoy a 4-5 hike to and from Ruins that only very Special Gringos get to see. Stay at Uchukuta Wasi, and a Special Gringo you can be

UchukutaWasi is more than a hostel, and it is more than a Couchsurfing house. Here, you will be family. And that is not to be cliché, I truly feel welcome as a brother of their little growing tribe. Hey, you even get a key to the front door!

Stay tuned. Steph and I did a podcast about her vision for the future of UchukutaWasi and you will be able to hear in her words how this place is set to grow.


Come and get yourself some “non-touristic ice cream”!

Stay Wild Folks,

A.C.E. the Theorist

p.s. Here’s a recipe to make Uchukuta:

Gather these ingredients:

  1. Fresh Parsley
  2. Peanuts
  3. Onions
  4. Hot Yellow Peppers
  5. Huacati (if you can get it)(it’s basically mint)

Then blend them with a food processor or a hammer.

Serve over rice, chicken, or non-touristic ice cream.


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