#40 TNT Amanda Maloney: We are Wild and Hole-y: Merging Essence with Instinct

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We all have a natural instinct. Some people call it intuition, or purpose, or flow. Amanda Maloney wrote a book about merging our essence with our instinct — We are Wild and Hole-y: Merging Essence with Instinct.

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Amanda Maloney is quite possibly one of the most OG Nomad Theorists of all time.

Every time I’m with her she describes herself in a new way, an emergence of her deeper essence, so it may merge with her natural instinct. 

We all have this natural instinct. Some people call it intuition, or purpose, or flow. Amanda wrote a book about merging our essence with our instinct — We are Wild and Hole-y: Merging Essence with Instinct.

She loves to bring a fresh batch of words with her wherever she goes, and the literary dishes compare to nothing you’ve ever tasted. 

I read a preliminary version of this and found it quite entertaining and informative, the new and finished version is now available on Amazon Kindle Here.

In this conversation we swam through a shimmering pool of mystical concepts and theories, and at the end, Amanda even shared one of her poems from the book called: The Little White Butterfly is a Moth 

It is one of my new favorite poems.

We talked about mindset differences that allow you to go back and change your memories with a new emotional charge. In some supple words Amanda describes the process like this: “We need to take on that suffering and literally purify it in the crucible of your heart, [this way] you’re liberating and uplifting all of humanity, through liberating yourself.”

Amanda’s Instagram: @amanda_leigh_maloney

Stay Wild folks,

A.C.E. the Theorist

Other Theories and Information mentioned:

5:15 Time travel and The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch

6:10 “Give yourself a creative means to rewrite the way you think about experience.

6:55 “Trust that it couldn’t have happened any other way than the way it did.”

7:40 This practice of recharging memories with different energies is called “Bardo” or “Death work”

12:45 Introduction of book and summary

17:45 Isis is not only a terrorist organization. This is also the name of a Spiritual Guide that has the power to ordain humans into priesthood or priestesshood. Amanda is an ordained Priestess of Isis

19:40 Amanda is a Rose worker. She explains how everybody comes from the lineage of the rose; we all have layers and we all have thorns. There are mean parts about us, self-protective parts, that we need to utilize at times.

23:30 We are all making our own meanings, that’s why you don’t want to initially interpret “signs”. We may interpret them based on a false reality, which would lead us farther from the truth.

A.C.E.: To interpret is inevitable, until death. In life, our significance is sourced in experience from this lifetime and beyond, always.

28:30 Amanda claims Joe Rogan gets paid by the meat industry. (We will have to look this up). She says he is not integral at all. I believe he is a good stepping stone for people to be exposed to other forms of thinking especially if they are able to adopt the open-minded skeptic mentality.

32:45 Amanda reads her poem: The Little Butterfly is a Moth


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