#6 TNT Michael Wilson Part 2: Shirtless Conversation Under a Tree

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“With the energy that everything has, it carries a story with it. The vegetables we eat – if they’re treated disrespectfully, I don’t believe we’re going to get the amount of energy that could be cultivated in that.” – Michael Wilson

One of the first ever Nomad Theory interview episodes. Chuck Wilde shares a free form conversation with Michael Wilson under a tree in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania to find out what other possibilities exist after High School besides going straight to college.

Michael is a farmer, forager, and awesome party host who left college to volunteer and travel through India, eventually receiving his Yoga Teacher certification. In this episode you will hear how Micheal did all those things and what habits help him maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.

Michael shares some of his favorite practices and principles for navigating confusing periods of spiritual growth such as simple meditation techniques that you can do any time of day, eating habits and supplements that have healing properties, and experiential advice for psychedelic newcomers to veteran psychonauts, alike. He tells some real-life stories about his travels throughout India and the United States, plus some hilarious “figuring it out after high school” stories.

The shirtless conversation went smoothly and Michael shared a ton of actionable info that Nomad Theory fans will love. Thanks a million to Michael for being on the show and all of ya’ll for listening!

Stay Wild Folks!


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