Either way, they are hard to detect. Spring marks the beginning of better conditions for both fish and anglers. That meant there was a good chance I was sitting over a large number of big bass. The imposing profile of a stickbait makes the lure appear more threatening to bass guarding a spawning bed. Fish late in the day in early spring when the main part of a lake or pond is still cold. Whether it’s for their appetite – often snatching ducklings, snakes, and other fish – fighting prowess, or airborne acrobatics to throw off the hook, anglers will never refuse a good Bass fight. Bass fishing can be great both in the morning and in the afternoon. Definitely not large. Be the first to rate this post. The keys to his technique were fishing the topwater lure in clear water and retrieving the chugger slowly without making it splash. The weighted crankbait technique works best when bass are staging on main lake chunk rock banks during the prespawn. Keep this up until you get a strike … and you will get a strike!! The first time I tried this, I was not exactly without some doubt, but I will try anything once. It’s not quite late winter or early spring yet but there are some things you can do right now to get ready and take advantage of some of the best flipping and pitching bass fishing has to offer when it does roll around. This tactic also works well when bedding bass ignore your tube bait or jig. They just finished spawning, so I guess this is a time to regroup, clear the head and make a plan for the upcoming hot summer months. And that’s a fact, Jack. Regardless of any notions the angler may hold, the fact is that the majority of the bass population, on a given body of water, will be found deeper during the cold months than any other season. The late Clive Gammon insisted that the key to the arrival of Bass in numbers was water temperature. In this video Jason Broach shares his insights on fishing hollow body frogs for bass fishing in late spring and into summer. The crankbait pattern usually lasts until the water temperature climbs to 60 degrees, but it can still be effective in certain situations once the water warms. Spring bass fishing has to be the most anticipated season of all. Learn How to Battle Florida Cold Fronts. The ice finally melts off the lakes and rivers in the north. The darker skies made bass more aggressive in the clear water but were still leery about certain offerings. For bass fishermen, early spring is the most wonderful time of the year. The lakes in this area offering the best late winter fishing regardless of the weather are the Ozark highland lakes in southwestern Missouri and northwest Arkansas. One key to catching pond bass is keeping noise and motion to a minimum as you move around the pond to different fishing spots. So here is a trick that my old buddy Homer Circle (the former senior editor for Sports Afield) taught me. Some anglers who regularly fish stained water lakes are restricted to fishing warmer days since bass seem to be turned off in these waters on cold, cloudy days. It’s also the easiest time to land Smallmouth – especially for those anglers who hibernate during the winter. In the spring time, smallmouth are more active than any other time of year. This is when most anglers are coming out of their winter hibernation, getting out on the water for the first time. Traditionally, the Bass season started around late May and continued until October. This makes the spring Bass fishing season the most exciting time to wet a line. Whether you’re fishing docks, grass beds, stumps or laydowns, … Position your boat parallel to the channel or the point and just sit for a few minutes so the bass hanging around will acclimate to your presence. Only enigmas have no solutions. Then I made a long cast and ripped the crankbait a few yards, and then the line went limp. All pages © 2012 – 2020 BPS Direct, L.L.C. In order to knowledgeably expect and recognize the progressive transition of Winter into Spring and responses of the bass, we must start with the late Winter period. The fish were getting ready to spawn, but the cool, cloudy weather that day discouraged any move to the bank. He considered 10C. Lipless Crankbaits. It has never failed me yet. Several years ago, I learned a prespawn topwater tactic while fishing with a friend at Lake of the Ozarks. But new and better techniques and new baits have caused many bass fishermen to quit using the spinner bait. Spring bass fishing is coming to a close in some areas of the country, but in others it is just now heating up. My partner barely twitched the chugger so it made small spits of water on the surface rather than the chugging or plopping noise the lure usually makes. During the spawn, a suspending stickbait is another hard-plastic lure that will catch bass. I caught another in about five minutes that weighed less than four pounds … then one about three. Home: Cookson, OklahomaFamily: (wife) Chris, (kids) Jamie & SherriHobbies: Fishing & HuntingBoat: Tracker 190 & Tracker 175, Favorite Technique: Spinnerbaits, Top water, JigsFishing Strength: Shallow water, Spinnerbaits, JigsFavorite Lake:…. I looked down, and the line was slicing through the water well ahead of my retrieve. Smallmouth Bass move from deep water into water between 2 to 10 feet deep where they’ll feed on spawning crawfish. Fishing Bait Tip for Winter Crappie Points, Quality Deer the Buck to Doe Ratio - Hunting Tip, Dawn-to-Dusk Summer Smallmouth Bass Strategies. If you have a bass that is really protective of the nest, a lot of times they will take a small bait like a tube or finesse worm, suck it in and blow it out before you can set the hook. Remember the bait is moving really fast and the bass catches up to it and dives with it. A cold front that drops the water temperature five or six degrees causes bass to move away from the bank where the crankbait becomes the most effective lure again for these fish. And sometimes, that is enough. When faced with lethargic, transitioning post-spawn bass, SPRO pro John Crews turns to a crankbait for the majority of his fish catching needs. A key to catching spawning bass on a suspending stickbait is to get the lure to stay in the strike zone. I cranked as hard as I could several casts, and then the bait stopped and the fish dove straight down with the bait. Rather than continually throwing at the visible fish, twitch the chugger slowly around any nearby cover to trigger strikes from bigger bass hiding in those targets. Use some 12-lb. She was heavy enough that the guys fishing on the shore heard the splash and looked up, and those guys were 100 yards away. All rights reserved. I was thrilled. Points are probably the most common, especially on large reservoirs. Oh yeah … and then they change directions as they take the lure, your reel handle just stops. Do this over and over. This season is when lakes are at their crest for bass angling, particularly for apprentices and easygoing fishers since bass are dissipated all over the place and effectively sustaining. After a wait, make a long cast parallel to the drop off or the point, and crank that baby back as fast as you can crank it!!! Trout are ready for stocking, bass are ready for spawning, and salmon are ready to return home. Your retrieve should vary depending on the rocks you are targeting. No Problem! Targets: Creature baits can catch fish around any type of shallow cover throughout the spring; they’re a great way to cover water quickly because rest assured—bass will bite them if you put it around them. This time of year is probably your best bet to find that big smallmouth you have been looking at catching. With a full moon late March (and late April too!) No votes so far! 9. GRAND LAKE MLF Big 5 Pro Circuit angler SPENCER SHUFFIELD joins the Bass 365 crew to share his pro tips and secrets on how he find bass in late winter and the best techniques and lures for you to catch more bass this winter to spring … Spinner baits once were the number-one bait to catch big bass here at Guntersville. From mid-April through much of June on Lake Fork and similar Southern lakes, bass relate to spawning shad and sunfish (bluegill, red ears, etc.). in the spring of this year, bass anglers could see hordes of really big, largemouth bass as they increasingly invade the lake’s weedy shorelines and take up residence around any available aquatic weeds, wood cover and rock cover. The pumpkinseed color is very close to a soft-shell crayfish and they often have a … Largemouth bass are creatures of habit. The thinner, the better to reduce line resistance against the water. For the slowest presentation when spring fishing in water below 60 degrees you can drag a jig and plastic chunk or craw along the bottom, but you can also keep in contact with the bottom retrieving a medium-diving crankbait in crawfish colors at a steady pace. While soft plastics or jigs work well in these situations, you can still catch bass on hard plastic lures throughout all phases of spring weather and water conditions. The water temperature was about 57 degrees and I could see bass dart out from under docks to look at my soft plastic jerkbaits but the fish would reject my offerings. Even nowadays, 5 bass weighing 20 pounds, may not even get you in the top 5 in most major spring time bass tournaments held weekly on Weiss Lake! However, early spring weather is unpredictable, and as the water temperature in the shallows fluctuates from day to day, bass will move back and forth between shallow and deep water. Umbrella Rigs I had hopes of a giant lunker that were slipping fast. Slowly crank the weighted crankbait along the bottom so it bangs into rocks and kicks up silt, similar to a crawfish scurrying along the bottom. Share: Previous Largemouth Bass Night Fishing. Didn’t get to catch the bass or keep the bass, but I did get to see the fish. Late spring bass are worn out from spawning, searching for new homes in deeper water and anglers aren’t ready to give up on their hot spring fishing spots. Along with water temperature, spring largemouth location is driven by spawning behavior, so fishin… Action lures such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits produce most of the time, but when the water temperature lingers below 60 degrees and during cold-front situations later in the spring, bass prefer slower presentations. To get you started off this fishing season the right way, here are three tips to locating and catching early spring bass. So my partner prevented spooking larger bass by making long casts. Drink some energy drink … you’ll need it. A nice 6-ft. baitcasting rig will work perfectly. That bass weighed at least 10-12 pounds. late spring bass fishing Bass Fishing . Calm water was another key because it helped the bass locate the slow-moving lure on the surface. Late-spring Bass Fishing Late-spring bass angling is marginally not quite the same as angling in the genuine heart of summer, so it’s critical to address this a bit. One thing is certain: They ain’t bitin’!!! If there's some stain to the water, a deep running crawfish pattern crankbait rooted along the bottom is strong now; bass feed heavily on crawfish emerging from hibernation during the late winter/early spring transition period. The winter to spring transition can be one of the most exciting times for bass fishing. It produces good numbers of fish, good sized fish, and the strikes are more exciting than any other method. That was quite a battle, but I won as the bass dove under the boat and I am trying to catch up to the fish … the bass weighed just short of five pounds. If you are fishing chunk rocks, run the crankbait at a steady pace along the rocks. And the best thing of all is they huddle up according to size. Despite the cool water, my friend tied on a topwater chugger and immediately started catching bass.