Instead of plopping hideous ads all over my website, I have chosen to support a more direct model of referral-based marketing with real people and companies I know will do top-notch work for the right clients. These folks have proven themselves as effective artists and collaborators. I worked with each of them to create these unique promotions and hookups that you can only access right here on nomadtheory.net!


Amelia Parlier:

Amy was the graphic artist responsible for THE NOMAD THEORY logo and is currently working with me on the THEORIES FROM THE ROAD Newsletter. She is highly punctual, precisely understands my often verbose instructions, and is several steps above any other graphic designer I have worked with (and I’ve worked with too many).

She’s the full package. As a photographer and visual artist, too, Amy has value beyond what I can show you on this website. To get in contact with her, send a message to blablabla@gmail.com, and mention the codeword “ACE” to get $20 off your final order.  

Visit Amy’s website here: ameliaparlier.com

Will Cenk: 

Will was the web developer for nomadtheory.net and we still work together on projects under a consultation basis. The original designs for nomadtheory.net were actually for a completely different company, and over time the concept of THE NOMAD THEORYand its websitehave changed substantially. I think for the better. The current iteration of the site was built in less than three weeks. 

Will is an uncommonly articulate individual, and this capacity is critical when communicating over the ‘interweb. And on top of that he makes screenshot video recordings to explain intricate parts of the site to me, so I can go back and see them later.

Will is also an iPad app developer working on several projects in the realms of music, which are public and available for download.

To contact Will with a concept for your website, send him a message: WillCenk@gmail.com

Or visit his website: willcenk.com

Theo Zdraggon:

Theo is one of the most talented video-editors of our generation. And he puts in the work, too. His style is vibrant, persistent and fast. It’s Nike-commercial-quality stuff. My favorite video he put out recently was of a road trip through Iceland.

Check out his instagram @theozdraggon to see photos of when we worked together at a Honey Bee Ranch in Maui, Hawaii.

Send Theo a DM with the codeword “ACE” and get $50 off a promotional video for your product or company.




Welcome New Theorists!

The Nomad Theory (TNT) is simple: people who take a gap-year (at any age) don’t regret it.

This website is a collection of essays (theories), podcasts, stories, and other media that embody the above theory.

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