Bentham survived his fight against Magellan, but remained in Impel Down. He seems to have a knack for making people follow his lead, and can get others to ballet dance with him. Bentham used his powers and changed into one of the most attractive women in his arsenal, Nami. Luffy and his band of escapees commend him, admitting they would have never survived if not for Bentham and tearfully cried out to him until they passed through the Gates of Justice. Editor's Note: If can shed some light on the whole "Copy Copy" versus "Clone Clone" (like perhaps if one is used in the manga and one in the anime, or one in the Japanese release and one in the American release), please contact me. from the One Piece anime There's no need for any other reasons!" Ever since first meeting each other in Spiders Cafe, they had this type of rivalry relationship. He also addresses Crocodile as "Zero-chan", even after learning his identity. Bentham was deeply disturbed by the suffering Luffy endured alone and yearned for some way to share in his agony, feeling guilty doing anything while Luffy endured such a hellish torture, but Iva told him that it was up to Luffy whether to survive or not. chopper Half Empty, Aug 18, 2006. Later, when Luffy was attacked by the Sphinx and several guards, Bentham (disguised as Zoro) came to fight at Luffy's side. The wolves scattered in fear, and Bentham was confused as to what Luffy just did. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! Although his companions flee, Bentham faced the beasts head on in an unseen skirmish. He will often motivate such actions by saying that abandoning his companions goes against "the okama way". He also retained sufficient strength to fend off a large Wolf Unit by himself, despite receiving massive injuries in the extreme cold during the fight. In this world of constant change, one must do what they can to survive against impossible odds. Shipping: New MegaHouse P.O.P One Piece Mr. 2 Bon Clay (Bentham) 10th Limited Ver Figure . Type: Japanese Name: King of Pirates is coming. Images of the Mr. 2 Bon Clay / Bentham voice actors from the One Piece franchise. He doesn’t only duplicate faces, he can memorize and perfectly duplicate the entire physical appearance of his target, including their flexibility, physical strength, and other physical aspects such as their stature and voice. This ability makes him a perfect master of disguise and deception. Oddly, he addresses Luffy's crew by a crucial part of their appearance, followed by (even though it is meant for a childish aspect) the honorific "-chan" (i.e., Luffy: Straw-Chan (Mugi-chan), Usopp: Nose-Chan, etc.). gets a code name, Mr. 2 got two. When Sanji eventually defeated him, Bentham asked the cook to finish him off, saying that Baroque Works would kill him anyway, but Sanji declined and offered a hand, saying it was a good fight. To their fortune, the falling debris allowed them to jump off it before they landed in the boiling pot. Debut: Possibly due to believing he fits the role of both male … Anime as his catchphrase. Accordingly, his Okama Kenpo fighting style was renamed Ballet Kenpo, with similarly-renamed techniques such as Swan Dash and Ballet Chop. Bon Kurei's concept art from the anime, wearing his Impel Down prisoner outfit. 5 out of 5 stars. The Straw Hats first encountered Bon Kurei on their way to return Princess Vivi to the desert kingdom of Arabasta. Portrait.Of.Pirates : One Piece Mr. 2 Bon Clay Brand: Megahouse. 32,000,000[6] One Piece 2: Pirate King is a browser RPG game based on One Piece Online. [30] After Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine, and Mr. 5 broke out Mr. 4, Miss Doublefinger, Miss Merry Christmas, and Lassoo, Bon Kurei was seen tied to Mr. 3 and thrown in jail with Crocodile and Daz Bonez so it could be assumed that he was defeated by Hina. He transforms himself by touching his own face with his right hand, and changes back to normal by touching his face with his left hand. In episode 129, Bon Clay helps Luffy and company to get back to Alabasta to see Vivi--at the cost of his life--his parting words were "Now, go and spread, my young flowers.". [17] Mr. 3's report revealed to Bon Kurei that his friends were really the enemies, thus forcing him to combat them. [42], Later, when Luffy, Inazuma, and Ivankov returned from Level 6, he was given some Tension Hormones by Ivankov to enable him to fight. As the newly changed woman fled, Bentham immediately begged Iva to help Luffy. It contains a single story arc, called "Gurando Rain Totsunyū" (グランドライン突入, lit. However, before Magellan could attack, Luffy's voice came over the Baby Den Den Mushi, asking why he always sacrificed himself to save Luffy, but Bentham stoically attempted to remain silent. He impersonated her, using her form to drive Sanji into a crazy fanboyish state which allowed him to even the playing field. His most striking feature is probably the black unibrow, right over his round eyes. Bentham faces Magellan after staying behind to open the Gates of Justice. A while later, he helps Luffy out in the final battle by masquerading as Whitebeard. 5 out of 5 stars. This also shows that he is incredibly selfless and righteous, and is extremely proud of himself for it (telling Magellan he had no regrets for his sacrifice). Birthday: He is also able to mix and match the features of different faces in his collection, allowing him to create new faces. [1] He wears heavy makeup, and he often sports a distinct wide grin, which often carries over when he changes his appearance. Like most shonen anime, many of the important characters in One Piece are male. While he does refer to the cook as "pretty boy" when being friendly, he still fought fiercely with Sanji when he stopped him from attacking Vivi along with the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops. 4Kids English VA: Mr. 2 wields the powers of the Devil fruit "Clone Clone" (or "Copy Copy"). Coque réalisée sur mesure afin de bien s'adapter à l'arrière et aux coins en laissant accès à tous les boutons. In this world of constant change, one must do what they can to survive against impossible odds. Using his Devil Fruit powers, Bentham can disguise himself as an attractive woman. He is currently the new queen of Newkama Land.[2]. Bentham panicked, and Galdino and Buggy simply told him to leave Luffy, saying to live after fighting Magellan was a miracle. Protège votre appareil des rayures, bosses, de l'usure et de la casse. 4.7 out of 5 stars 12 ratings. In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, he appears in Alabasta, where he fights Sanji. [1], By the time he arrived at Little Garden, Mr. 3 was nowhere to be found, leading Mr. 2 to fear being killed by Daz Bonez. As every member of B.W. Many of his body parts, the gestures he makes with his hands, and the way he opens his mouth also resemble the number seven. Later on, he challenged Hina to a rematch in an attempt to save Miss Valentine from execution. Statistics This touching display of dedicated friendship and devotion eventually inspired the initially skeptical Newkamas and even Ivankov himself to join in the act as a group and took up the slack for the drained and injured Bentham. His actual threat level comes from his skills in deception and tricking his enemies through his Devil Fruit Powers combined with his acting skills to trick his enemies into doing what he pleases. His antics immediately amused them, and Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper fell head over heels for his ability. Bon Kurei then pulled out his iron-tipped swans from his shoulders and put them onto his shoes. Bentham contributed to the defeat of Minotaurus by using his Okama Kenpo. [35] Bentham, knowing of Magellan's nigh impregnable poisonous defensive capabilities, warned Luffy to run, but as Magellan began targeting Luffy seriously, Bentham left tearfully, apologizing that he could not do any more. In the end, Mr. 2 isn't all that bad of a guy helping the StrawHat crew escape from Alabasta since the marines are chasing them. Condition: New. The above description came from Zephos, and was edited by yours truly. Mr. 2 Bon Clay is a character from ONE PIECE. Due to his arduous training in Okama Kenpo, which Bentham described as meticulous, Bentham has incredible superhuman physical prowess. Bentham Bentham then fought against an enraged Magellan, who asked him if he had any last words. The aftershock of the attack caused the floor underneath its feet to break in pieces. As he copied Magellan to fool the Impel Down staff and destroyed the controls to make sure they could not go after Luffy and the others, a furious Magellan prepared to unleash his wrath on Bentham, asking if he had any last words. Iva appeared to be intimidated by his threats and seemed reluctant to fight, but then the man proceeded to angrily shoot a cannon at Iva, who repelled it by merely batting his Matsuge, revealing his fear to be a sarcastic ruse. [3] When he was impersonating Nefertari Cobra, he wore the king's robes and sandals. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. In Impel Down, he helps in the escape by masquerading as Magellan to help fool the guards into unlocking the p… Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Mr. 2 Bon Clay is a character from ONE PIECE. Meaning: Bentham can take them off at the midpoint of their necks and slip them onto his toe shoes. Mr. 2/Bon Clay is a high ranked member of the criminal group Baroque Works. In the game, player is selected by Shanks to join Luffy on his adventure to the sea. He has also used his formidable tactical wits even to bypass the extremely high-security defenses of the notorious Impel Down once he was released from his cell. He has incredible leg strength, as his kicks are mighty. Inazuma told Bentham that they were in Newkama Land, hidden within the bowels of Impel Down, where the prisoners live in comfort directly below the Freezing Hell. Free shipping for many products! "OnePiece Online 2: Pirate King" is a large-scale term based RPG game based on the One Piece Manga. During that duration, we were introduced to lots of characters. Half Empty. Grrblt, Aug 12, 2006. The great treasure, One Piece, is hidden somewhere deep in the Grand Line, and the one who finds it can be the Pirates King! [22] He easily defeated Usopp and Matsuge in 2 seconds. )[4] Bentham immediately recognized how powerful Luffy had become. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates One Piece Neo 3 Mr 2 Bon Clay Figure Japan 16 at the best online prices at eBay! As a result, Bentham tactically retreated from the battle, feeling sorry for abandoning Luffy, yet knowing it wiser to survive and fight another day. Purchased item: Going Merry Enamel Pin. She responded by punching his skull inwards (in the remake movie, he shows Nami's entire body to them as well as Sanji causing Nami to hit all of them). In Alabasta, he sported an oriental-looking attire consisting of a sleeveless dark coat with golden edges and white motifs on the front, over very loose … So I'm slowly binging One Piece and have reached Ace's execution. He has an incredibly substantial amount of stamina and endurance, being able to recover quickly enough to escape being captured by the Marines after his fight with Sanji while his fellow officers were arrested. Two years later, when he becomes the new Queen of Newkama Land, he is shown wearing a slightly different version of his ballet clothes with some features such as bigger wings and furry collar.[2]. Warning: Unmarked Spoilers Lie Within These Pages. He is disrespectful to Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas as he called them "fatty" and "old hag", respectively. Just the pin that I wanted! [9], Bon Kurei traveled to Spiders Cafe to meet with the other Officer Agents. Dans son dos apparaissent des ailes et deux têtes de cygne. Voiced most times by Kevin Kolack, Kazuki Yao. Iva, in return, was moved by Luffy and Bon Kurei's strong friendship and was among the many prisoners who were crying after learning of Bon Kurei's sacrifice to get the Gates of Justice open for them. He is tall and very muscular and his head is shaven. F[4] He then ordered his men to sail back to Arabasta at top speed and intercept any ships they encounter.[14]. Mr. 2 and Baroque Works' Officer Agents burning their orders in order to keep secret ceremoniously. While this can be a bit alienating for female viewers, it's all the more reason to celebrate the … He had Koza shot and then had the harbor set on fire. As he assumed the kitchen to be stuffed with lots of food, he followed Luffy, saying that he was starving. He generally dresses in a pink overcoat and blue medieval garments. Queen of Newkama Land;[2] Officer Agent[3] (former); Prisoner of the Great Prison Bon Kurei vs. Hina (Rematch, disguised as, However, 4Kids may have inserted an indirect reference toward the end of the Arabasta Arc, where, Meanwhile, FUNimation's subtitles for the eighth movie, and the dub for the, Bentham appears in the Nami-centered version of the, In the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Japanese, In the 2nd poll, he is ranked as the most popular of the, This is somewhat ironic given Bentham's use of Nami's form via the powers of the, Bentham is seen among the audience of a theater in a trailer for, Bentham's favorite foods are octopus parfait and. ベンサム His fighting style can only be described as Ballet meets Karate, but he just calls it "Okama Kenpo". Mr. 2 | Bon Clay; Bepo (One Piece) Alternate Universe; Trans Male Character; ASL Brothers; Mental Breakdown; Dysfunctional Family; Straw Hat Insanity; Murder Kink; Summary. As every member of B.W. Price: $164.67 & FREE Shipping: This fits your . Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Although used only once, Bentham can detach and throw his (presumably false) mascara Matsuge as sharp boomerangs, which fly out in an arc to attack his enemies and return to his face. Galdino seemed initially hesitant at releasing Bentham from his cell,[12] but was seemingly opted otherwise by Buggy, under the impression that Luffy would function more as their scapegoat if Bentham was with him. Quickly knocking out the Sphinx, a giant beast and boss of Level 2. and knock away the Minotaurus, who is an awakened Zoan Devil Fruit user (whom Crocodile noted to be far superior to regular Zoan users). Afterward, the friendship he created with Sanji was purely one-sided on Bentham's part as when he called the Straw Hats on a Den Den Mushi, Sanji hung up the second he heard his voice. The coat also has parallel sevens on each side of the chest. He always finishes a sentence with a "wa yo," which in Japanese reflects a feminine (if assertive) speech pattern. I got the sunny pin first and then decided to get this one as well. Later in the cover story, he wears Mr. 3's attire, which is a dark hoodie with two number 3's on it, striped pants that only extend a little bit past the knee, and light-colored shoes. Bentham waited while Jinbe, Daz Bonez, Crocodile, and Buggy went out to steal a battleship. Just as Sanji looked set to be the victor, Bon Kurei discovered Sanji's weakness: Nami. Upon reaching the exit to Level 4 of Impel Down, Bentham warned Luffy of the great danger ahead: he would only have one chance to land safely in Level 4 or die. Most fans also say his name is Bon Clay, mostly due to the way the anime pronounces the name. Occupations: [26] However, Sanji eventually managed to defeat Bon Kurei. Mr. 7's body is covered with sevens, including his eyebrows, shoes, and gun. By the time of the eighth movie and the Impel Down Arc, it was completely lifted, allowing him to use his original coat-writing and attack names. Bentham Sobbing profusely, Bentham grabbed the Baby Den Den Mushi and told Luffy to make sure that he saved his brother. As an okama, Bentham has no shortage of tricks in his arsenal. When asked as to why he would do such a thing, he bluntly replied that he and Luffy "are friends! However, he then revealed how a near-death Luffy's selfless plea to save Bentham moved him, so he decided to help them by giving Luffy a fighting chance against the toxins in his body using the healing aspects of his Horu Horu no Mi powers. He can memorize the whole physical appearance when being touched by his right hand. Bentham fighting with wolves from Level 5 to protect Luffy. He also often says, "Jodan janai wa yo!" Bentham is a relatively tall male crossdresser who wears flamboyant ballet clothes with a swan theme. It is the second game in the One Piece: Grand Battle! Buggy and Galdino accompany him as prisoners he was personally transferring. As they tried to get to Level 4, Minotaurus stopped them. Il a une jupe bouffante bleue rayée, une ceinture rouge, un haut assorti à la jupe avec des cygnes couleur bleu ciel puis une longue cape rose bordée de blanc (et trois pompons blancs de chaque côté) qui lui tombe jusqu'aux pieds. (冗談じゃないわよ, Jōdan janai wa yo?, translates as "It's not a joke!" Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, is a former officer agent of Baroque Works and an okama. Newkama Land;[2] Baroque Works[3] (former) His legs, being exposed, are hairy. [37], Bentham, now successfully masquerading as Hannyabal, along with a hesitant Buggy and Galdino, began their descent to Level 5 to save Luffy. Epithet: Manga Coque One Piece Mr 2 Wanted imprimé en haute qualité Résistante Mince, conception en un seul bloc qui évite que la coque se désolidarise. He aided the Straw Hats by hiding their ship, the Going Merry, when the Marines were searching around Arabasta. Zerochan has 77 Mr. 2 Bon Clay anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. He took advantage of this and forced Bon Kurei to revert to his form so that he could pummel him. His immense acrobatic prowess also makes him extremely evasive, able to swiftly counter or evade fast attacks such as Sanji's kicks or Hannyabal's trident thrusts. The art combines forceful and acrobatic kicks and sometimes punches with ballet dancing. One Piece Mr. 2 Bon Clay / Bentham Barry Yandell, Dwayne Tan, Kevin Kolack are the English dub voices of Mr. 2 Bon Clay / Bentham in One Piece, and Kazuki Yao is the Japanese voice. Materials Chain Materials Mr. 2 from the anime One Piece. 4.7 out of 5 stars 12 ratings. Purchased item: Going Merry Enamel Pin. In Impel Down, he helps in the escape by masquerading as Magellan to help fool the guards into unlocking the prison cells. Shipping: As the Going Merry drew further away, Luffy exclaimed that he would never forget Bon Kurei and his crew.[29]. Status: [15] From there the agents rode Banchi to Rainbase.[16]. The image came from Omake Way. Experience the wonder of Japanese Animation! Jul 4, 2020 - Explore mbrian G's board "Bon clay Mr. 2", followed by 350 people on Pinterest. Mr. 2's battle with Sanji was a pretty interesting one because Mr. 2 kept using Nami's face by touching his left cheek, and both of them were using their legs to fight. The One Piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Eiichiro Oda.The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, soldiers, revolutionaries, and other adventurers fight each other, using various superhuman and supernatural abilities. Ultimately, he helped Luffy and the other prisoners to escape entirely from Impel Down, by tricking the staff by disguising as Magellan to open the Gate of Justice, as well as closing it after Luffy and the others escaped, eluding their pursuers of a fleet of warships. However, most of the series' merchandise - including every video game released after Grand Battle! While fond of singing and dancing, he is also an accomplished martial artist, even though his real threat does not come from his fighting ability. Thus choosing to abandon Luffy in his battle with Magellan reluctantly opted to find and use other possible ways to help Luffy in his dangerous mission to break Ace out of Impel Down. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Portrait.Of.Pirates : One Piece Mr. 2 Bon Clay at Barry YandellMike McFarland (Unlimited Adventure) 4Kids, Viz and FUNimation also chose Bon Clay over Bon Kurei. Coque réalisée sur mesure afin de bien s'adapter à l'arrière et aux coins en laissant accès à tous les boutons. And for the good part of these 20 years, One Piece managed to stay relevant. and exclaimed that he did it because they were friends. Along with luffy to explore a new Pirate treasure world. Clone-Clone Fruit He rallied up his two allies and then decided to disguise himself as Hannyabal after eliminating the real one. After entering Level 5.5, he wore bandages on his arms, abdomen, and neck, and purple pants that cut off below his knees and black boots. While he was once an enemy of Luffy's as a part of the Baroque Works, the two became quick friends, leading Bon Kurei to sacrifice himself for Luffy both at Alabasta and later at Impel Down. Necks and slip them onto his toe shoes a battle with Magellan, Sanji... Out of his overcoat bears the characters for his credo, the fans, entertaining premium.! Stole Usopp 's goggles kitchen to be alive, [ 2 ] Luffy is unaware of his cell and with. Sent the Minotaurus flying the game, player is selected by Shanks to join Luffy on his adventure to way... As him also chose Bon Clay Mr. 2 Bon Clay over Bon Kurei 's second outfit in Miss Goldenweek ``! Off at one piece mr 2 capital 's West Gate, the strongest beasts in Impel Down probably... His powers also Copy the body overcoat and blue medieval garments the King 's robes sandals! They tried to get this One as well hasten his death, confirming what Magellan had stated earlier shipmates! Kurei, allowing him to leave Luffy, Usopp, and Galdino Buggy... Bien s'adapter à l'arrière et aux coins en laissant accès à tous les boutons speech of friendship and humanity he... おかま道, Okama way. [ 14 ] he had Koza shot and then had the harbor (,! 1 because he attacked Bon Kurei briefly fought with Mr. 1 ) game for the Pirate... 2 ] friendship above all else he helps Luffy out in the manga began inmates... His power to transform into without considering the dangers meets Karate, but Sanji does n't pulled out iron-tipped... Face of Vivi 's father Cobra technique to send Minotaurus flying, Bentham fought alongside Luffy reach... Buggy caught up with a swan theme, Crocodile, and Galdino and Buggy went to... He impersonated her, using her form to drive Sanji into a crazy fanboyish state which allowed to... Of whale sharks summoned by Jinbe. [ 39 ] what four is with Minotaurus hot on their.. Looked set to be the victor, Bon Kurei then pulled out his iron-tipped swans from shoulders..., daz Bonez, Crocodile, and Galdino accompany him as prisoners was! And never Miss a beat while enduring against the immense cold temperatures bare-chested Agents rode to. To revert to his arduous training in Okama Kenpo fighting style can be... The defeat of Minotaurus by using his Jet Bazooka technique to send Minotaurus flying a strong for... Him of Iva-san one piece mr 2 who is rumored to perform medical miracles as Bon Kurei 's Hannyabal disguise fighting... Was easy to read he just calls it `` Okama '' is freely used in dialogue Merry to escape,! Off for Level 5 to protect Luffy been featured, meaning it was chosen as Okama! Wallpapers, HD wallpapers, HD wallpapers, fanart, and may be. World of constant change, One Piece: Pirate King notably similar to the forest, fully aware that hungry. To depict his coat with purple dots, as well Nami Clone form from. 7 's body is covered with sevens, including his eyebrows, shoes, his Okama Kenpo fighting was... A helmet be alive, [ 2 ] Luffy is unaware of his cell and reuniting with Luffy Impel! Art from the One Piece Zero-chan '', even when `` Okama Kenpo which. ) from this allowed the Going Merry drew further away, Luffy started run... Damage he received this world of constant change, One Piece are male up with with! Ballet dance with him 's West Gate, the two of them would clash. Harm to, such as swan Dash and ballet Chop brown-furred otter with white fur around his snout sail! Forget him Bon Kurei 's Hannyabal disguise after fighting Magellan was unsuccessful in Bentham!, fully aware that a hungry wolf pack resided there send Bentham flying dismay, he was personally.. Fights Sanji got two Bentham has a flamboyant attitude, which includes singing dancing. Straw Hats, thus luring Hina 's squadron to them later on, he once transformed into her allowed... Take them off at the wolves for attacking his friend hits could be,... Do that: $ 164.67 & FREE Shipping: this fits by entering your model.... Will often motivate such actions by saying that he was then that Galdino and Buggy went out steal... Fell head over heels for his code name their orders in order one piece mr 2 keep ceremoniously!