A.C.E. the Theorist (a.k.a. A.C.E. Ridenour) is an American writer and podcast host hailing from the river lands of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Although, you are just as likely to catch him sipping Guinness at a pub in Galway; steaming with Yakuza in the best public bath houses of Tokyo; mixing magic potions with modern wizards in the treehouses of Puerto Maldonado; or singing freestyles with the mermaids atop a moonlit techno club in Valparaiso.

In any one of these placesat any time of dayA.C.E. is likely on the hustle.

                “Cause I’m a hustla baby,”

A.C.E. the Theorist

A.C.E. is a Theorist.

A.C.E. is a Nomad.

A.C.E. is a Writer.

Bootstrap Fiction: These are highly-shareable short stories that communicate the mission and practical aspects of your company. Creative, elaborate, and experimental, a bootstrap business short story is much more memorable to customers than a flashing ad on Facebook. Give A.C.E. a list of notes, along with the tone and objective, and he’ll turn it into a short story to share and send to clients.

Bootstrap Biography: Get interviewed by A.C.E. about the origin of your company, and he will transform your words into a formal rendition of the main eventsor create an elaborate, non-fiction biography-styled story for your website, blog, or newsletter.

Freelance Editing: Have a bunch of old, lifeless articles on your website? Send them to A.C.E.! He will give them CPR and maybe a quick massage. Those articles will be up and leaping through the internet pastures in no time.

Working on a bigger article? Need some help with structure or complicated grammar? Start working with A.C.E. as your freelance editor as soon as you’ve completed your first presentable draft.

Please send a letter to with your ideas or proposal.

A.C.E. is a Teacher

Intensive Street Spanish:  You can learn real street spanishand do it within 5 months. A.C.E. did. In fact, he went on his first date after only 2 weeks in Argentina, and had the confidence to do so after using a few key meta-learning tools and techniques. Of course, the process was challenging, and a teacher was necessary. So A.C.E. has decided to create a Street Spanish course for anybody preparing to travel through Latin America.

**This course is in the experimental stages, so for the time being, all classes are half off.

Podcasting/ Blog Design/ Article Writing: Have an idea for a podcast or blog theme? But no idea where to start? Please do not waste your time or money! A.C.E. has spent the last 3 years getting to this point, and he can show you what equipment is actually necessary for a quality podcast, where to focus attention on a blog, how to work with freelance contractors, and how to figure out what you are best at in the wide world of blogging.

Send A.C.E. an email at with any questions, and he will try to answer them. Or arrange for a 1 hour coaching session.  

A.C.E. is an Artist

Real Tattoos: As an Irishman’s grandson, A.C.E. specializes in traditional Celtic knot designs. But any and all ideas are welcome. A.C.E. works with local Pittsburgh and International artists to create designs for clients. Check out @A.C.E.tattoos for photos and to contact A.C.E. with your ideas for a design. **A.C.E. is just starting out as a tattoo artist, so the designs will be simple and he would never try anything beyond his skill level.

What else would you expect?


Custom Carpentry: Having worked as a traveling carpenter in 6+ countries and 13+ locations, owned a residential remodeling company, and flipped 3 houses, A.C.E. is capable (or at least steps from being capable) of almost any remodeling projectand he might do this type of work again if he ever gets really desperatebut for the time being he only does custom projects such as homemade tiled cabinetry and he recently constructed a wooden squatty potty.

Custom Squatty Potty in action!

A.C.E. is always open to fresh ideas. For access to a press kit or to apply as a guest to TNT Podcast, please email  and A.C.E. will get right back at ya.

Muchas gracias,

Stay Wild Folks!

A.C.E the Theorist (a.k.a. A.C.E. Ridenour a.k.a. Charles A. Wilde) ?



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The Nomad Theory (TNT) is simple: People who take a gap-year don’t regret it.

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